Loyalty Points

With every purchase from the Platinum Game Services website, you will earn loyalty points that can be used to redeem voucher codes. Redeeming a voucher will spend your loyalty points. For every £1 you spend with Platinum Game Services, you will earn 5 loyalty points. Your first voucher will become available at 500 points, which will be worth 5% discount. At 1,000 points you will be granted a 10% voucher. 10% is the maximum earnable discount on this scheme.

Please click here to register and start earning loyalty points.

Important Notes

  • All orders have to be approved by an admin, which means it may take up to 24 hours for your order history and loyalty point balance to update.
  • You must be logged in on the Platinum Game Services website to earn loyalty points. If you complete a transaction without being logged in, your missed loyalty points cannot be added on to your account afterwards.
  • Once a voucher has been redeemed, you will have 3 months to use it. Any vouchers not used within the 3 months will expire. Expired vouchers cannot be replaced.

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