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Due to a security update at PlayStation, quite often when we attempt to synchronise trophies on our PlayStation 3/PlayStation Vita, we are being denied access when logging in. We believe this is for the following reasons:
1) You have previously had 2-step verification enabled.
2) Our sign-in attempt has been detected in a different country/location to yours, causing your account to question the unusual sign-in.
The solution to this is to generate a device password.

What is a device password?

A device password is a password that is used to log in to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita consoles. A device password can only be assigned to one console, so if you are ordering services for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita, you will need to generate two device passwords. Generating a password does not have any effect on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, and you can continue to use your normal password for these consoles. 

How do I generate a device password?

Step 1. Visit your PlayStation account from an internet browser. This can't be done using the PlayStation App.

Step 2. Navigate to your security settings and turn ON 2-step verification. Once this is enabled, scroll down and select 'Device Setup Password', followed by 'Generate New Password'. This will generate a password that is exclusively for PlayStation 3 & PlayStation Vita consoles.
You can find a video guide for these steps here:
Our checkout process has been restructured to detect PlayStation 3 & PlayStation Vita services that have been added to your basket. Upon detection, a new password field will appear at the bottom where the device password must be entered.

What are the complications of using a device password when purchasing services?

To generate a device password, 2-step verification must be enabled. Unfortunately, when this is enabled, it can cause delays with PlayStation 4 & PlayStation 5 services, as we will require a code to sign in. Generally, we would recommend that 2-step verification is left disabled when ordering services, however, it must be enabled to generate a device password. In order to provide a hassle-free service, we now recommend not mixing PlayStation 4/5 services with PlayStation 3/Vita services on a single order, unless you have direct communication with us through Discord or Facebook.

Important Notes

  • If you generate a device password, then use it on your own console first, it will be invalid for us. It is important that once you generate a code, you do not use it yourself. If you need to access your PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Vita once 2-step verification has been enabled, then you must generate a second code for your own use.
  • For PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 services, we would prefer you to keep 2-step verification disabled, unless you are in direct conversation with us on Discord or Facebook. You can find our contact details for these platforms at the bottom of our website.
  • Disabling 2-step verification will delete and disable all of the device passwords you have generated.



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