How's that for a slice of fried Platinum?
Win all other trophies to take your place as the world's greatest apocalypse survivor. 
Choo choo!
Complete Dead Ahead on any difficulty. 
The boat can leave now... Tell the crew
Complete Death Canal on any difficulty. 
Weird science
Complete Meat Locker on any difficulty. 
Look mummy! A shark!
Complete Zombie Zoo on any difficulty. 
In the dark dark woods...
Complete Rotten Coast on any difficulty. 
All of this has happened before…
Complete Molten Nightmare on any difficulty. 
All roads lead to Rome
Complete All Roads Lead To Hell! on any difficulty. 
You're all going to die down here
Complete Hell Base! on any difficulty. 
He did Nazi that coming
Complete Hell Machine! on any difficulty. 
Into the deep
Complete consecutive 12 Waves and escape from the Horde Map "Into the Darkness". 
Take a little bit of Italy with you
Complete consecutive 12 Waves and escape from the Horde Map "Villa Della Morte". 
I told you we should have gone to the beach
Complete consecutive 12 Waves and escape from the Horde Map "Dead in the Water". 
Not today you won't
Complete consecutive 12 Waves and escape from the Horde Map "The Bitter End". 
Just me and my trusty sidearm
Reach wave 6 on any Horde Map without picking up a Primary or Secondary weapon. 
I'm a survivor!
Complete 20 waves in a row on any Horde Map. 
A gross gross
Survive 144 Waves in total. 
Blood splattered
Reach Rank 5. 
Gore soaked
Reach Rank 50. 
Hail to the king, baby!
Reach Rank 100. 
Earn a Gold Medal on any chapter. 
Well equipped
Complete a level with 5 Gold Level Perks equipped. 
Weapons expert
Complete the weapon mastery for any weapon. 
Find all Journals, Comics, and hidden Weapon Upgrade Tokens. 
Send me an angel
Perform all Heroic Actions. 
Gotcha, didn't I?
Kill all Zombie Hand collectibles. 
Change your characters appearance, such as with a hat or costume. 
Is it over?
Complete the Campaign on any difficulty. 
This is no Sunday School picnic!
Complete the Campaign on Hard difficulty. 
That's a lot of them, and only 4 of us
Complete every campaign level with a full team of four players. 
I can do anything I want. I got guns
Complete the weapon mastery for 3 weapons. 
You've got red on you
Perform 50 Takedowns in total. 
Stand back boy!
Kill 3 enemies with one blast from a Preacher. 
Kill of the week
Drop a Shell Cargo Pallet on a Zombie. 
Shoot it, man! Shoot it in the head!
Headshot a Zombie post resurrection. 
Say goodbye, creep!
Kill a Zombie using the Blade Melee Special Attack. 
Give me something to shoot!
Kill a Sniper whilst they are jumping between vantage points. 
The bigger they are...
Kill 5 Heavies with takedowns. 
I never liked them anyway
Kill a friend who has resurrected as a zombie. 
Take them down screaming
Perform a Takedown on a Blind Screamer. 
Double tap
Finish a level with 5 or less zombies resurrecting. 
Shock therapy
Kill 20 zombies with Electric Punch Special Attack. 
Cleanup on aisle 4!
Kill a Suicider with his own explosives. 
Zombie killin' machine
Kill 5000 enemies of any kind. 
Every bullet counts
Get 3 headshots with one bullet. 
Leave the limbs you've lost
Sever 10,000 limbs. 
Cranial blowout!
Get an unbroken 10-headshot streak. 
Come and get it! It's a running buffet!
Kill 20+ enemies with 1 explosive. 
Got your back
Kill 50 enemies that are actively attacking other players. 
A friend in need
Revive other players 50 times. 
What did you say, Blain?
Complete 4 level sections without using a medkit. 
Chain reaction
Kill 50 Zombies in a row without missing a shot.