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Doom Eternal Trophy List Revealed

  18 March 2020

Heavy MetalEarn all Trophies  DoomsdayComplete Hell on Earth  The Hunters Became the HuntedKill the Doom Hunters  Interplanetary FrackingBlow a hole in Mars  Thumbs DownBest the Gladiator in the coliseum  Reforged and RefueledAcquire a new Crucible in Taras Nabad  NontraditionalistKill the Khan Maykr  IconoclastKill the Icon of Sin  The Once and Future SlayerComplete the Campaign on any difficulty ...

Zombie Army 4: Dead War Trophy List Revealed

  03 February 2020

How's that for a slice of fried Platinum?Win all other trophies to take your place as the world's greatest apocalypse survivor.  Choo choo!Complete Dead Ahead on any difficulty.  The boat can leave now... Tell the crewComplete Death Canal on any difficulty.  Weird scienceComplete Meat Locker on any difficulty.  Look mummy! A shark!Complete Zombie Zoo on any difficulty.  In the dark dark woods...Complete Rotten Coast on any difficulty.  ...

Darksiders Genesis Trophy List Revealed

  09 January 2020

Not AloneEarn all trophies.   MammonDefeat Mammon, Lord of Hell.   BelialDefeat Belial, Lord of Hell.   AstarteDefeat Astarte, Fallen Angel.   DagonDefeat Dagon, Lord of Hell.   MolochDefeat Moloch, Lord of Hell.   Are You Not Entertained?Achieve a score of 70,000 or higher in the arena.   Full of HellComplete all 17 levels on Hard difficulty.   The Promised EndC...

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