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Control Trophy List Revealed

  26 August 2019

Director of the FBCUnlock all other trophies  Astral ConstructionConstruct a Weapon Form or Mod  Non-Standard IssueUpgrade any Weapon Form to Level 3  Career DevelopmentUnlock all 3 Personal Mod slots  The Importance of SynergyComplete 5 Side Missions  Inter-Departmental CooperationComplete 10 Side Missions  FBC Crisis Solution Task ForceComplete 15 Side Missions  Paranatural CollectionCollect more than 100,000 Sour...

Remnant: From the Ashes Trophy List Revealed

  20 August 2019

From the AshesAcquire all trophies  Fire in the SkyDefeat Singe  The Bigger They Are...Defeat the Ent  Watch the Totems!Defeat the Totem Father  Wolf of the WoodsDefeat the Pan Wolf  Undying, Eh?Defeat the Undying King  The KeymasterDefeat the Claviger  Butterfly EffectDefeat Ixillis XV  Dark AwakeningDefeat the Dreamer  UntouchableDefeat a world boss in single player without taking damag...

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