Legitimate Trophies

We earn all trophies under this category by playing the games legitimately without the use of hacks, third party software or modified save files. Trophies unlocked legitimately are a completely safe way for you to move up the unofficial online leaderboard rankings, such as PSNProfiles and PSN Trophy Leaders. If required, we can upload the save file created during the service to online storage, providing you have an active PS Plus subscription. Please let us know if this is a requirement before the service is finished, as accounts are usually immediately deleted from our systems after we have synchronised the trophies. We, however, do not guarantee savefile compatibility between our version of the game and yours.

Regions Explained

For the majority of games, the trophies are shared by all regions. However, there is an increasing number of games that have regional "stacking" trophies, which means the game has a separate trophy set in certain regions. In most cases, if a game has stacking trophies from different regions, we offer the trophies from each available region. Purchasing the trophies for a cheap stackable platinum from more than one region is an ideal way of levelling up quickly. Australian games rarely have separate trophy sets; they generally come under the "EU" list.

Some example regions are:-

AS - Asia
CN - China
DE - Germany

EU - Europe
JP - Japan
KR - Korea
NA - North America

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